Employee Social Status


Dailywage worker/ Father no more


Micro Self Employment






Employed in Small Business


Govt. Employee / Retired

  • Small town parents invest in education of their children in a hope of better future. Many of the children are first time graduates in their families
  • But, in small towns, employment opportunities for graduates are sparse. They either migrate to big cities or settle for local jobs which donot do justice to their education
  • Those who migrate, may not enjoy a good quality of life in the cities. Also, away from roots, they may be prone for emotional ill-health
  • Situation is more challenging for women as migration is not encouraged. They end up getting married early. Further, this does not contribute to a positive self-esteem
  • NextWealth, through its unique local entrepreneur-led business model, has succeeded in bringing hi-tech employment to small towns
  • This employment improves the employee’s Quality of life and Self-esteem ; Empowers their respective Families and larger Community

Quality of Life

  • 79% employees are economically better-off than their local classmates
  • % Spend on nourishment & clothing of employees has doubled after thier NextWealth job
  • 42% Employees save more after NextWealth job ; 55% in case of  women
  • Being closer home, 79% women feel very secure


  • 76% Employees & their family take high pride in NextWealth Job
  • 72% Grew in self confidence to face life’s good / bad situation in future, after joining NextWealth & improves to 82% with tenure
  • Learning on Quality, Punctuality, Time management & Hard work have given employees confidence


  • On an average, employees shoulder 44% of family income 
  • 85% are delighted to have family’s presence during health / financial / emotional problems 
  • 71% cherish the ability to connect to roots through family functions, village festivals & programmes 


  • Women employees’ propensity to early marriage reduced by  2-3 years
  • Women employees’ clarity on life's goals improved : 71%
  • Women employees’ (of financially stressed families) empowered to choose a better partner : 85%
  • Propensity to migrate to a bigger city mitigated : 55%
  • About 10,000 direct and 30,000 indirect + induced livelihood generated