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Slide Apr 30, 2020 Work from home has been 'successful' during Covid-19 lockdown. What next? Post Covid-19, companies will have to re-engineer to reduce costs among other things. Read the full article here Mar 23, 2020 Coronavirus crisis may fast-forward IT’s work-from-home adoption Nearly half of India’s technology workers – estimated at 3 million – have already begun to work from home as social distancing becomes key to contain the spread of the outbreak. If employees continue to work from home for a few more months, IT companies are likely to conclude that 20-30% of their workforce can operate remotely, said Sridhar Mitta, founder of NextWealth Entrepreneurs. Click Here Founders Of NextWealth. Image of Dr Sridhar Mitta (Founder and Managing Director at NextWealth), Anand Talwai (Co-Founder and Executive Director at NextWealth) and Mythily Ramesh (Co-Founder and CEO at NextWealth). Feb 18, 2019 How these former Wipro employees are bringing jobs and business opportunities to smaller cities NextWealth Entrepreneurs is creating job opportunities in small cities by executing IT and BPO services at delivery centres run by local entrepreneurs. It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved. Click Here Sep 15, 2012 Big Idea Next To Home NextWealth is trying to change the HR ecosystem in India by hiring and working out of small towns Click Here July 16, 2011 NextWealth: Creating a Next Wave in India’s IT and BPO Industry During the early days of the Indian information technology outsourcing industry, Sridhar Mitta’s biggest challenge was convincing American companies that India was a viable destination to send their work. Mitta was with Wipro, at the time a fledging IT division of a vegetable oil company. Click Here