Video Object Tracking - Image on NextWealth company website Enriching and Making
your Data Invaluable
Collect. Prepare. Train. Validate. Enrich
Video Object Tracking Semantic Segmentation LiDAR Annotation
Enriching and Making
your Data Invaluable
Collect. Prepare. Train. Validate. Enrich
Product Matching Product Tagging Search Relevance
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back ground image of key annotation Enriching and Making
your Data Invaluable
Collect. Prepare. Train. Validate. Enrich
Keypoint Annotation 2D & 3D Bounding Boxes Polylines & Polygons
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Data Enablement Services Icon of data collection service provided by NextWealth Data Collection

We live in a data-centric world today with oceans of data around us. They come from various sources like static and dynamic web pages, IoT devices, autonomous cars, to name a few. With the tremendous adoption of Deep learning applications, data in the form of voice, images and videos are also valuable.
This service includes Data Crawling, Data Extraction, Data Digitization

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Icon of data preparation service provided by NextWealth Data Preparation

Data collected from public sources are typically in unstructured format needing cleansing, consolidation, normalization and validation, before they are ready for business use. For an eCommerce platform, maintaining a clean and reliable data is fundamental to improved sales and customer retention.
This service includes Catalog Cleansing, Data Verification, Data Normalization, De-Duplication, Image standardization

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Icon of data enrichment services provided by NextWealth Data Enrichment

The data needs to be further enriched with features identified for the AI/ML model. This service includes the following
Structured Data - Entity Matching, Relevancy & Ranking, Content Moderation, Data Transformation.
Computer Vision - Image Segmentation, Video Annotation, Image classification.
NLP - Chatbot response validation, Intent Extraction, NER, Sentiment Analytics.

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Model Training

This is the first phase of a typical Machine Learning / Deep Learning project - data collection and pre-processing. We have a whole range of Data Collection, Data Preparation and Data Enrichment offerings to address this key requirement of any ML/DL project.

Icon of Model Validation service for machine learning and deep learning systems provided by NextWealth Model Validation

We have domain expertise in the typical Model evaluation metrics of a Machine / Deep Learning system like Confusion Matrix, F1 score, AUC-RoC, etc. During the validation cycle, we will help with the measurement, reporting and tracking of these metrics and help with the tuning of the model.

Icon of Exception Handling solution provided by NextWealth Exception Handling

Any errors in the model in live production is expensive to a business. If the model is built with the ability to escalate an event to a Human in the loop, we can help with Live evaluation and correction of the decision taken by the Model.

Slide Purpose Thinking leaders & Industry stalwarts with extensive experience and expertise came together for a PURPOSE. A purpose to change the landscape of small cities by bringing local talent to mainstream Technology Industry. Creating 20000 jobs in
small towns.
Meet our team with 350 + years of collective experience across key functional and leadership roles
Meet our team know nextwealth impact 6 Delivery Centers 2000+ Strong Team 150 million + Data Transactions <10% Annualized Attrition
Image of Dr Sridhar Mitta (Founder and Managing Director at NextWealth), Anand Talwai (Co-Founder and Executive Director at NextWealth) and Mythily Ramesh (Co-Founder and CEO at NextWealth).

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Slide Our Customers From Fortune 500 to early stage startups and everyone in between
Whether you’re a corporate giant, a startup, a finance enterprise, or a healthcare provider we’re there to take your business to the next level. Our IT-driven tools and solutions have gone a long way for some of our stellar clients. Have a look!
- E commerce & Retail - Customers of ecommerce solutions provided by NextWealth. - AI/ML Technologies - NextWealth Customers of AI/ML technologies - Others - The customer's brand logos of best data enablement services provided by NextWealth
NextWealth with NPS of 72, is among the best in the world, across industries

Slide Swaminadan padmanabhan, Happy customer of NextWealth - Data enablement company The NextWealth partnership has proven to be of immense value to the Machine learning efforts at Freshworks. What we started off as an experimental program a year ago, has today matured to a level where we involve them as part of several of our data enrichment workflows. The scope of the partnership includes generating training datasets for ML models, estimating model output quality, enriching metadata for NLP models, and so on. The most impressive thing about NextWealth has been their ability to maintain high levels of accuracy even as their workforce expands and churns over time. Swaminathan Padmanabhan Freshworks Slide Atul Shingal, Happy customer of NextWealth -Data enablement company A completely trusted partner – that is how I would describe NextWealth. They have done everything we could have expected and more. NextWealth is reliable, flexible, available, and on time, every time. The team at NextWealth has played a critical role in the growth and success of Probe Information Services and we hope to continue to grow and scale with their continued help. Atul Shinghal Probe what our customers say Customer testimonials

Image of eCommerce solutions and catalog management services provided by NextWealth E Commerce & Retail
Ecommerce & Retail
AI/ML Technologies

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