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Data Preparation Services - Catalog Cleansing | Data Verification | Data Normalization

Data collected from public sources are typically in unstructured format needing cleansing, consolidation, normalization and validation, before they are ready for business use. For an eCommerce platform, maintaining a clean and reliable data is fundamental to improved sales and customer retention.


Catalog Cleansing

The data in a catalogue could be outdated, incorrect, or incomplete. We use our expertise in retail and ecommerce to help our customers clean up the database. We also help them make it consistent with industry standard identification codes like UPC and MPN.


Data Verification

In the market place model being pursued by some e-commerce companies, a lot of product data is supplied by the sellers. In some cases, the data elements may be inaccurate or incomplete. Critical data points need to be checked to provide ground truth based on which algorithms enabling product search, product recommendation, supply chain optimization can run with confidence


Data Normalization

All e-commerce retailers use a specific product taxonomy and an associated attribute list to help improve search and discoverability of products. Data provided by suppliers needs to be made consistent with the specific rules so that data can be injected into the content management database.