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Data Collection Service - Web Crawling | Data Extraction | Multimedia Data Collection | Data Digitization

We live in a data-centric world today with oceans of data around us. They come from various sources like static and dynamic web pages, IoT devices, autonomous cars, to name a few. With the tremendous adoption of Deep learning applications, data in the form of voice, images and videos are also valuable. Today’s enterprises are becoming increasingly aware of the competitive edge data can provide to them. However, data collection is a difficult task needing a lot of automated and human resources. They would rather outsource this task to reliable and experienced vendors who not only understand how to collect the data but can help with preparing and enriching it. 

With a large pool of analysts, we gather relevant and qualitative data from diverse sources within a specified time. We use contemporary tools and methods for an assured delivery of quality data to our customers on time.


Web Crawling

Web crawling provides significant value to customers since it not only allows collection of data at scale but converts unstructured data on the internet to structured data for consumption. We understand the importance of this and provide custom web crawling solutions to our customers gather data on enterprises, retail / ecommerce businesses, government records, news releases, etc, using custom bots. We can also leverage on existing tools like RPA to build crawling solutions.


Data Extraction

Quite often the data needed for the business needs to be collected from various sources. Such solutions cannot be fully automated and need human expertise to validate the information. We use a variety of tools / bots along with a workflow to provide data extraction services.


Multimedia Data Collection

A large number of Deep learning applications today need labelled images and videos. Quite often these applications need training data which is not easily available on the Internet. We help our customers gather custom video / images with specific needs. This will also be labelled subsequently by our team to get the data ready for training the algorithm.


Data Digitization

Need for capturing data from printed and handwritten document continues to be a need. We use state of the art OCR and ICR tools along with Machine learning algorithms to capture data in forms automatically and use human touch to validate the conversion.