Active Learning – A breather for the squeezed

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Missing the cold-war era big time! I can see that data scientists miss the space race of the Cold War big time! At least in the way that an unlimited budget was available to develop new technologies. Alas, today they need to walk a tight rope to produce models with high accuracy that remain within the budget!  Do not spray …

Data Privacy for AI and ML

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In the battle between future markets and higher market shares, automated systems and artificial intelligence technology is what will decide the winner, taking them ahead of their competitors. The next decade in AI and ML is expected to turnover 21B Euros worldwide. However, the only possible impediment it needs to address is Data Privacy. As the usage becomes more wide …


Big (data) labelling conundrum

Big (data) labelling conundrum- blog image - NextWealth

Big (data) labelling conundrum #Hai-na-amazing? Every 18 – 24 months, the world is doubling the quantum of data available. In other words, we are generating as much data produced by all of human race, every 2 years. This is not because we have suddenly turned interesting and everyone is documenting their lives! Rather, a couple of other factors have come together in the …