The Power of Solidarity and Empathy during Covid Times

When COVID-19 came knocking at our doors in the month of February, little did we know that this is going to be a long haul, a very long haul. As part of the NextWealth leadership team a few of us were enthusiastically planning our Annual Strategic Offsite scheduled for the first week of March. I remember listing out the top 10 COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for all employees, guided by the WHO site – replacing the friendly official handshake with a strict Namaste! I was indeed greeted with giggles. Incidentally, my sister who was locked down in Hongkong already for a month and a half was aghast at the thought of 50 heads getting together under one roof for the offsite. Not only did the offsite happen, it went as planned and even ended on a musical note. We all came back to our world chuffed about new goals to achieve and renewed deadlines – clueless as to what lied ahead of us.

An Insight – NextWealth

Data is the most crucial ingredient for businesses worldwide. ‘Data driven, Analytics driven, Algorithm driven, AI/ML driven’ are the new taglines for all businesses, traditional and next gen. Every day, companies are realizing the potential of data and its consequential competitive edge that companies can utilize in scale and growth.  We at NextWealth have over a decade of experience in …