LiDAR Annotation for ADAS

Autonomous driving is an amazing real-world application that has come about with the culmination of advances in various technologies. The first step in this complex system is to perceive the environment, for the complex onboard system in the car to understand what is around it. This perception is achieved by various sensors like Cameras, Ultrasonic, LiDAR and RADAR. While cameras give a visual perception of the environment, a LiDAR or RADAR sensor is very critical for depth perception.

Active Learning – A breather for the squeezed

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Missing the cold-war era big time! I can see that data scientists miss the space race of the Cold War big time! At least in the way that an unlimited budget was available to develop new technologies. Alas, today they need to walk a tight rope to produce models with high accuracy that remain within the budget!  Do not spray …